This poem I wrote when I was around 13 and Mum was so proud of it she framed it. I mainly like this poem because I’m proud that Mum was proud of me for something 🙂

If you are ever feeling blue,
Here is something you can do,
Think of others just like you,
They have lots of worries too.

Don’t stop smiling, never frown,
Happiness won’t let you down,
Don’t be afraid to be yourself,
Take your feelings off the shelf.

A simple word can make one’s day,
A smile can have a lot to say.
Tomorrow, today will be your past,
So make the good times really last.

True friends are few and hard to find,
So treasure them and keep in mind,
Loyalty and trust should be there,
A good friendship needs love and care.

Take the time to watch and pray,
Don’t go rushing through the day.
Keep true and faithful in your place,
Until you’ve ended in life’s race.

© (Please do not reproduce any of my poems without my permission and without acknowledging my blog)

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