Mother, Mum

My beautiful Mum and me.

My beautiful Mum and me.

Seven years on, I still remember her. How could I forget? At this time of the year I always feel it more as the date of the 7 year anniversary of her passing, and also the date of what would have been her 64th birthday draws nearer, I miss her so much. I’d like to share with you a poem I wrote in November when I was 17, exactly a year after she passed away. It doesn’t follow all the proper rules of poetry and all that, but it is from the heart. My life is good and I’m so thankful that I have a wonderful husband today who I can’t say enough good things about, but nobody can love you like a mother, and nobody can replace my Mum; the things said in this poem are still true today (except people don’t think I’m smart or hardworking anymore, just a housewife :P) and when it comes to missing her, I miss her as much now as I did back then:

Mother, Mum

I need your love
To help me be strong,
How else will I manage
To keep going on?
They admire me:
Smart, hardworking, they say,
But what do they know?
They’re wrong anyway.
It always was you
Every year, every day,
You were the one
Who showed me the way.

I knew I was safe
When you held me, I cried,
But now I look back,
What you covered, I hide.
The truth, then concealed,
The lies and the pain,
But you taught me true joy
Is not solely in gain.
It’s the simplest things:
A walk, game, or ride,
Or just having somebody
There by your side.
Somebody who cares,
Who does understand,
Who knows the right moment
To hold onto your hand.

I am so afraid
Now that you’re not here,
But I don’t know why,
What is it I fear?
Is it that I’m alone
With nobody to care?
Nobody to run to,
Nobody to share
All those little things,
The meaning of life,
Anything, everything,
From heartache to strife.
Is it not having someone
To listen and hold,
Who would always accept me
Whether young, fat, bald, old?
Whether stupid or wise,
Pretty or not,
Annoying, too crazy,
You never forgot
Who I was, who I am
Who I wanted to be;
Always, forever,
You loved me for me.

So here’s to our future,
Our past, and the now.
To them, you’re not here,
But you’re with me somehow.
So always, forever,
Don’t let me forget
To remember the good times
Without having regret.
I know that you know,
I know that you knew,
Forever and always,
Mother, Mum, I love you.

© (Please do not reproduce any of my poems without my permission and without acknowledging my blog)

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2 Responses to Mother, Mum

  1. Lena says:

    Thank you for sharing this, it must have been really hard to lose your mother.


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