My First Loaf of Bread

Bread (490 x 531)

Today I made my first loaf of bread! Well, I’ve made bread things before, but always by hand. This is the first time I’ve made a loaf of bread with a bread machine, which feels like an achievement. I just couldn’t help myself from taking a chunk out of the top before taking the photo. The bread turned out pretty good, even though I almost wrecked it.

My aunt gave me this bread machine and a liquid measuring cup to go along with it. So, I read the instructions on the box of bread mix which say to add 600 grams of bread mix. I pick up the measuring cup and use it as a guide, thinking ‘600 grams isn’t much, there’s way more left in the packet than I thought. This stuff must go such a long way, talk about value for money!’ Then I add the 420mls of water, using the same measuring cup. I switch on the bread machine and walk away.

Ten minutes later, I realise that 600ml in a measuring cup is not the same as 600g, oops! Rush to the bread maker, quickly weigh what’s left in the packet and dump in the remaining flour that I was supposed to add. Phew. Bread saved. First world problem averted.


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4 Responses to My First Loaf of Bread

  1. Thessauron says:

    You’re not the only one who discovered ml is not the same as g! My mum found out about that too and lamented over the phone for 20 minutes!

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