Daddy, where were you?

Today I’d like to share a poem I wrote for my father

Daddy, where were you?

Daddy, where were you
When I spoke my first word?
Do you know what it was?
Do you wish you had heard?
What were you doing
When I walked on my own?
When I wanted to ride
And I had to be shown?

Why weren’t you there
For my first day of school?
I hoped you’d turn up
I guess I was the fool.
Did you want to be there
When I read my first book?
When I drew my first picture?
When I learned how to cook?

Why didn’t you come
When at night I was scared?
Why didn’t you listen
To stories I shared?
When teased for my colour
I came home in tears,
Why weren’t you there
To calm all my fears?

When I fractured my foot
And it took weeks to heal,
You weren’t by my side
Throughout the ordeal.
When my very first job
Didn’t work out as planned
You weren’t the one
Who helped me to stand.

Who were you with
When I finished my studies?
Were you out with her
Or with some other buddies?
Did you even know
When I earned my degree?
Gallivanting around
Did you think of me?

My very first heartbreak
You weren’t there to mend
Your own daughter’s heart
You didn’t defend.
What about when
I met him, the one
Why weren’t you interested
In your new son?

You made your life choices
That led you to now,
You abandoned your baby
Broke your marriage vow.
So now that you’re older
In need of some love
In need of a family
The things I dreamed of

Now that you need me
I cannot be there
Please don’t think I hate you
Or that I don’t care.
I want you to laugh
To live your life well.
I don’t want revenge
Or to see you in hell

But I’m sorry, dear stranger,
It just can’t be me.
I can’t call you Father
Why won’t you see?
You want back your daughter
But you just can’t undo
All those times when I cried
‘Daddy!’ Where were you?

© (Please do not reproduce any of my poems without my permission and without acknowledging my blog)

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