The Old Man at the Swimming Pool

It is mid-morning. I get into the local pool to do some laps. An old man in the lane next to me starts up a conversation. I have my earplugs in to stop the water getting in my ears, which makes it hard to hear him.
He starts telling me about all the things he has done that morning, ‘I’ve walked a few ks, spent an hour in the gym, and now I’m about to do some laps, not bad for a 90 year old huh?’
I smile and nod politely. Then I notice he’s looking at me strangely and I wonder if I’ve misheard something he said.
He repeats himself, ‘I said, not bad for a 90 year old!’
Ohh..he wants me to tell him he doesn’t look that old, so I reply ‘Naah, you’re not 90.’
He nods, satisfied, ‘good girl‘.
Then he starts asking me about my life:
‘You got a boyfriend?’
‘I’m married’, I show him my ring.
Any kids?’
Then he says ‘Oh, well, It’s pretty fun trying though, isn’t it‘.
I’m put on the spot and don’t know what to say. My first thought is to do what a proper lady should and act shocked and appalled and say ‘NO!’ but then I think, that wouldn’t reflect well on my husband. But I can’t say yes because that would be weird. Perhaps I could say ‘maybe’? Nah, still weird. Quick! Think of something witty!
The phrase ‘stunned mullet’ could be accurately used to describe my face while these thoughts are going through my head. I keep opening my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. So, in true fishy fashion, I turn tail and swim away.

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