The Time My Husband Used My Toothbrush

Morning. As usual, my husband and I are rushing to get ready to go out. Already late, we decide to have breakfast on the way. Of course, we will brush our teeth first because nobody likes morning breath, right?
My husband is fluffing around in the bathroom and I need to do my hair. I ask him to give me some room, so he grabs his toothbrush and exits the area. I languish in all the personal space I now have and start attacking my hair.
Just as I’m finishing getting my hair into a bun and am ready to brush my teeth, my husband returns with a mouth full of toothpaste. I move aside to give him his well deserved sink space and look for my toothbrush.
I see HIS toothbrush lying next to the sink in its container. What??
At that same moment, he goes to put MY toothbrush back in its container and stops. What??
We both look at each other in disgust. Then we do what any loving couple would: start blaming each other.
‘Can’t you tell which one is your toothbrush?’
Well it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t rushed me out of the bathroom!’
I never said you had to get out of the bathroom!’
‘You know there isn’t enough room in here for the two of us!’

I declare that I’m not going to brush my teeth today, and he starts rinsing his mouth out thoroughly. We run my toothbrush under boiling water to clean it.

After that huge bio-hazard scare, we head off to enjoy our day together, and, like any loving couple, we soon kiss and make up, both resolving never to share our oral bacteria indirectly again.

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One Response to The Time My Husband Used My Toothbrush

  1. Nirodaigh says:

    Been there, done that 🙂

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