A Visit From The Other Side

I wrote this when I was 17, soon after Mum died. I kept dreaming of losing her and this led to me waking up feeling really confused and scared, breathing really quickly with my heart pounding like I had just run a race – it would be pounding so much that it hurt. When this happened, I would always feel really hot, so I would creep outside and lie on the cold driveway and look up at the stars until I was calm again. I remember one night I was so afraid of what was happening with my heart and I just wanted to get some sleep. I didn’t want to bother anyone so I got up and went to the medicine cabinet and just took whatever I could reach to try to make myself go to sleep. I’m not sure what I took and nothing really happened, but I did eventually sleep. I guess this describes a little of how I was feeling at the time.

A Visit From the Other Side

I dreamed a dream last night.
I thought I saw you, heard you,
Felt you.
I even think I smelt the scent
That lingered all around you.
I may have even touched you,
Held you, hugged you.
You were real, come to take
My problems, worries, fears
Like you once did.
I knew then it would be alright,
I know you love me.

The image fading, the memory warping,
The tears are falling, I reach
For you.
Grasping thin air.
Falling flat on my face.
You’re lost, gone, hidden.
I know I can smell you
But that too is fading.
Your presence vanishes.
Nightmares. Fast breathing.
I wake with tears in my eyes.
I am alone.

Where am I? Who am I?
Without you.

© (Please do not reproduce any of my poems without my permission and without acknowledging my blog)

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5 Responses to A Visit From The Other Side

  1. mhparkin says:

    It’s sad how the most beautiful thing is the thing that hurts us the most.
    Beautiful Poem.


  2. there is such beauty behind your words


  3. Vivien says:

    I’m glad you have such beautiful memories of your dear Mother. xo


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