The Life of an Ant

It always makes me wonder inside
As I watch the fragile ants,
So busy each day
Gathering for themselves.

What do they think when they climb the trees?
Do they see the big picture,
Or just bark, bark, bark,
More bark and then the leaves.

Do they ponder the meaning of life,
Or do they simply exist?
They all seem so sure
Of what they are doing.

Have they considered the universe?
Their place and purpose on earth?
Or is it enough
Just to live for themselves.

Do they realise when I am nearby
I could easily end them,
But I tread careful
For we are all the same.

What is out there in the great unknown?
Things I cannot comprehend.
With my eyes I see
So much, and yet, nothing.

When I behold the endless blackness
Dotted with millions of stars,
I think to myself,
I am merely an ant.

What unseen beings are looking down,
Laughing at my frailty?
I know so much, yet
I cannot comprehend

The great vastness of the universe.
I suppose I will know soon
And understand it.
But for now I just live,

I follow the rules, the rigid lines,
Laid out by society.
I wear my blinders
So I can plod along

And ask myself, will it be enough?
When my end finally comes,
Will I be happy
Having been just an ant?

© (Please do not reproduce any of my poems without my permission and without acknowledging my blog)

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3 Responses to The Life of an Ant

  1. TmChingoka says:

    I’ve been on a similar train of thought. It was beautiful reading your poem, I like the angle you took.


  2. Vivien Calderwood says:

    I see you have been observing nature around you and thinking deeply. xo


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