The Day My Husband Learnt What the Word ‘Driving’ Means.

Since we’ve been married, my husband has always texted me to let me know he’s coming home from work. Often the text is a simple word, such as ‘driving’, and I suspected that he actually wasn’t driving when he sent the messages. Here’s how I learnt the truth…

My car had been playing up and the check engine light and ABS lights were both on. Then my brakes started grinding. My husband and I agreed it was time to drop the car at the mechanics. This meant I had to take his car for my daily activities. After dropping him off at work, I headed off to enjoy my day, feeling like I was driving a bus in his huge car (compared to my little one).

After a stressful day of maneuvering around car parks and almost parking in the rear of another car, I headed back to his workplace to pick him up. I managed to find a park and gingerly edged my way in. Success!

I got out and waited at the entrance of his work, texting him to ask when he’ll be finishing.
My phone dinged back with a reply, ‘driving’. What?
I looked up and saw my husband walking towards me, head down texting on his phone.
‘No you’re not!’ I said, startling him out of his phone-texting-reverie.
‘Oh, I forgot I didn’t have my car today,’ he replied sheepishly.
Husbands, you just gotta love em!

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