To An Unnamed Family

To An Unnamed Family

Amongst your crowd you are beloved, your complexion is sweet.
To those you like, you are so kind, so friendly and so nice,
But since you have disdain for me, I’ve seen through your deceit
To those you think beneath you, your demeanor is like ice.

What you think of me is not my business, this is true,
But we grew up once together and I just can’t comprehend
What I could have done that must have really injured you,
And given what I’ve seen, your attitude I won’t defend.

Your family has much money and you have all that you need,
I just cannot understand why on others you look down,
When some have gone through hardships that your nightmares don’t exceed,
How can you scorn these brave dear souls simply for lacked renown?

Selecting only from your class, you miss so many joys,
For those who’ve been through tests and trials have so much more to give,
And though their history’s different, they aren’t all lacking poise.
The ones you scorn, I think you’ll find, intriguing lives they live.

They might not be as happy, they may not be carefree,
They might not have the perfect little household like you do,
But how can you not admire those who’ve faced adversity?
If only you would listen to the things they could tell you.

If you would let them in your world, your lives they would enhance,
But stuck inside your little box, how ever will you grow?
Instead of judging people on their current circumstance,
Why you just cannot be kind to all, I do not know.

It never hurts us to do good and lend a helping hand,
I’d never want to be right at the top if what it means
Is hurting the sweetest people while thinking you’re so grand,
For under lowly surfaces things are not quite as they seem.

Why should we put ourselves above anybody else,
When our situation we are born into by chance.
You grew up with privilege, it’s nothing of yourself,
It could easily be you in the other’s circumstance.

So please have a heart for others, though entitled you may be,
We aren’t so very different from the grandest to the least.
Please treat them with humanity and I think that you will see
You’ll receive countless blessings with your pompousness decreased.

You might have been brought up this way, and through the generations
There may have been this mindset of keeping yourself above,
But please look inside and judge yourselves of this great inflation,
And know that we all wait down here to give to your our love.

© (Please do not reproduce any of my poems without my permission and without acknowledging my blog)

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One Response to To An Unnamed Family

  1. Vivien says:

    Wow! That is so very deep. I hope you find resolution. “Only when you have walked in someone’s shoes can you understand” I haven’t walked in yours Larisa, but I try to empathise with you xo


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