My Aww Moment for Today

Early this morning, I was sitting in my car at a busy intersection because my husband had gone to work and forgotten all his papers, so his trusty wife got the fun job of delivering them.
While waiting there, I saw a lady pushing a pram across the road. She reached the other side and realised that her young daughter hadn’t crossed with her. So she left the pram where it was and ran to the edge of the road to wait for a chance to help her daughter across. I thought she’d be waiting ages because of all the cars around, but to my surprise, all the traffic stopped for her and waited while she crossed the road and brought her daughter back. I was torn between the sweetness of the moment and holding my breath in terror hoping the pram didn’t roll backwards onto the road! But mostly it was a nice moment 🙂

It reminded me of another incident I saw this year when a little boy spotted his father across a four lane busy road. The little boy yelled out ‘DADDY!!” and ran toward the road before his mother had time to react. The father was stuck on the other side of the road yelling out ‘NO, NO, NO!’ A man sitting at a nearby table jumped up and caught the child, spilling his own drink everywhere in the process. The father then crossed the road and thanked the man, while also apologising profusely for causing him to spill his drink. The man replied that it wasn’t a problem, so long as the boy was safe. The father then went into the store and bought the man a new drink.


I also feel it’s worthwhile noting that in both cases the people helping each other were all of different racial backgrounds, which is just the way it should be.
I just love seeing humans showing some humanity. I may have even teared up a little 🙂

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