If You Only Had An Hour

If You Only Had An Hour

If you only had an hour, and then it was the end,
Consider for a moment, how would you that hour spend?
Would you call upon your loved ones and engage in sweet discourse,
Or buy all the things you wanted, a house, a boat, a Porsche?

Would you long for more adventure, and fly to some strange place,
To spend your final moments with just you and your suitcase?
Would you wish for greater knowledge and read more publications,
In order to be honoured for your great sophistication?

Would you get out all the projects you have previously begun
Because you cannot bear to leave all that work undone?
Would you eat up all the food that you’ve hidden from yourself,
The stuff that always tempts you from back there on the shelf?

Would you wish to make a difference and work for some good cause,
Or would you be quite satisfied to leave without applause?
What would really matter if it was your final hour,
Riches, fame and glory, or honour, status, power?

Would you be glad of what you’ve done, or wish to do more things?
Would you be peaceful deep inside, or fearful of what death brings?
Are there things you’d wish you’d said, feelings you should have shared?
Was your heart open to others, or were you just too scared?

Are there some within your life who unforgiven stand?
Would you offer them compassion and a warm forgiving hand?
Or would you take your bitter thoughts down with you to your grave,
Even on your deathbed, would you insist your pride be saved?

When it comes to say goodbye, where will your thoughts be found?
Will you glory in your work life and how much you are renowned?
Or will you wish for family, good friends and nothing more
For what could be more precious when knocking on death’s door?

An hour seems so short, but one hour will be your last
Which hour though, you’ll never know, until the die is cast,
But if I knew, this much is true, I’m sure of what I’d do,
I’d gladly drop all that I’ve got to spend that hour with you.

© (Please do not reproduce any of my poems without my permission and without acknowledging my blog)

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2 Responses to If You Only Had An Hour

  1. Shanthi Gaynor says:

    Well done, love!

    Liked by 1 person

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