My First Attempt At Spoken Word Poetry

The reason I haven’t posted on here for quite a while is that I’ve been busy working on my spoken word poetry skills. Spoken word poetry is something I hadn’t tried at all before a few weeks ago when I found out about the Australian Poetry Slam and that they were holding a heat in my home town so I decided to have a go, and WON my local heat! Mind you, there weren’t many competitors, but I was still proud of my achievement. So off I went to the state finals, where I didn’t place in the top two but was very close.

The thing about Slam Poetry is that the judging is very arbitrary. Five random audience members are chosen to be the judges and score you between 1-10. The reason for this is to make poetry accessible to the general population and show that you don’t have to be an experienced poet to enjoy poetry. On the whole, slam poetry events are more about entertainment and the winner simply depends on who is judging on the night and what appeals to them. However, it is still a lot of fun getting up there and sharing your piece and receiving a great reaction from the audience. 

After I competed in the Victorian State Finals, I found out that because I live on the border between two states, I was also allowed to compete across the border, so I entered the local heat across the border and won that heat also, even though there were 15 amazing poets who performed and I felt I had no hope! I’m not sure if I’ll get to the NSW State Finals because it’s further away, but I definitely won’t stop writing spoken word poetry. 

My first poem that won me the heat in Wodonga was recorded by The Border Mail who have kindly given me permission to upload it to my YouTube Channel. This was my first time ever getting up behind a mic and speaking to an audience, so I was very nervous. I didn’t really need the palm cards, but had them there for comfort.

Below is the third spoken word poem I wrote and performed at the Victorian State Finals. Having proved to myself that I can perform without the palm cards, I didn’t use them in Melbourne at all and managed to remember my poem in front of an audience of around 350 people! I don’t have footage of that event because my husbands camera went flat halfway through, so I had to re-perform the poem at home. Please excuse our noisy cockatiel in the background!






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