The Incident of the Pen on the Shirt

So, my husband has this habit of scratching his back with a pen. However, he often forgets to put the lid on said pen before performing the act of scratching! This results in me finding marks like this on the back of his shirt far too often!



So, since I currently have the flu and am not up to going out to purchase some stain remover, I put out a request to my friends on Facebook asking what solutions they could come up with to remove ink stains from a shirt. One of my friends came up with the helpful suggestion of buying a new shirt and another suggested using hairspray. I didn’t have anything to lose by trying out the hairspray option, so I gave it a go.

First, you have to spray the stain with hairspray like so:


Then, you get a damp paper towel and blot at the stain. It should lift off onto the paper towel. You won’t get it all on the first spray so you’ll have to repeat this action. I then rinsed off the whole shirt to wash out the hairspray so it didn’t leave a stain and voila! The mark is perhaps faintly there if you look really closely, but hardly noticeable at all!



So, today I have learned that hairspray is good for removing ink stains from shirts, but the biggest lesson of all is DO NOT SCRATCH YOUR BACK WITH A PEN!!

Although knowing my dear husband, my hairspray is going to get plenty of use in the future 😀



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2 Responses to The Incident of the Pen on the Shirt

  1. Halee Pagel says:

    That’s magic!! Who knew hairspray could remove an ink stain?

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