Cinque Terre

Riomaggiore DSC07577 (1988 x 1326)

View from Riomaggiore

We only had one day to see Cinque Terre, so we managed to see four of the famous five colourful coastal villages. The first village was Riomaggiore where we enjoyed great sea views. We climbed up some big old castle for better views before catching the next train to Manarola.

Manarola DSC07623 (1988 x 1326)


Manarola was quite beautiful with a nice rocky waterfront. We had lunch there and then walked around the cliff for a bit, before wandering up another path and finding ourselves in a multi-level cemetery, which was interesting and also had good views. You’re basically guaranteed great views wherever you go in Cinque Terre. Then we walked to their church and admired more great views from as high as we could manage to walk.


Vernazza DSC07686 (1988 x 1326) (656 x 438)


We decided to see Vernazza next, and then visit Corniglia on the way back. Vernazza was quite small, but so peaceful and relaxing. At Vernazza we sat on the rocks by the water and relaxed in the sun for quite a while. After that we found a nice stone pathway which led us up the hill for ages until we came to a little lookout with amazing views. We just stood there enjoying the serenity for at least half an hour. It was just so lovely and beautiful.

Vernazza DSC07674(2) (1758 x 1172) (580 x 387)


I’m not sure if I could choose a favourite between Vernazza and Manarola. Manarola seemed to have a bit more activity and the town itself was so pretty. Vernazza seemed to be quieter, but so relaxing and had some great spots to just sit, enjoy, and reflect. Both villages had great ocean views and colouful buildings.

Manarola DSC076532(2) (1004 x 670)



Finally, we went to Corniglia, which was quite different to the others because it is up on a hill rather than being right next to the ocean. I found it quite quaint. After following a chicken up the many steps to get to Corniglia, apparently 382 steps, we were a little tired, but we were determined not to let a chicken get the better of us. However, we accidentally got ourselves on the wrong path which led us way up and around behind Corniglia, where we again had amazing views.

Corniglia DSC07869 (1988 x 1326)


Apart from the colourful buildings and great views, the thing I most enjoyed about all the villages in Cinque Terre was finding stairs and pathways that seemed to come to dead ends, but when we got closer we found they continued on around the corner leading us higher and higher for greater views and tranquility.

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