Last Days in Rome Part 2

DSC00217 (2) (1214 x 810)

Cleaning up the coins in the Trevi Fountain

Our second to last day in Rome involved a lot more walking around. First up, we passed the Trevi Fountain again and stopped to watch the workers vacuuming up all the coins.

DSC00246 (1328 x 885)

Spanish Steps

Then we headed to the Spanish Steps, which we didn’t find overly impressive and there were too many tourists around at the bottom, so we didn’t stay long before continuing along to the Piazza del Popolo.

DSC00258 (1988 x 1326)

Piazza del Popolo

The obelisk located in the Piazza del Popolo was also found in the Circus Maximus after being brought to Rome from Egypt during the reign of Emperor Augustus.

DSC00261 (1469 x 980)

Fountain in the Piazza del Popolo


Next, we climbed up to the Pincian Hill and enjoyed the views from the lookout point there, before wandering through the Pincian Gardens.

DSC00276(2) (1278 x 853)

View of the Piazza del Popolo from the Pincian Hill

While wandering around the gardens, we came across some sort of water clock, which was good to look at.

DSC00331 (1988 x 1326)

The Water Clock

Then we headed over a bridge and walked into the Villa Borghese Gardens where we found the most beautiful fountain and monument in the middle of a lake. There were kayaks for hire, but we were too cold to give it a try.

DSC00351 (1988 x 1326)

Instead, we walked around the lake and watched the ducks frolicking in the water. The area was so peaceful and beautiful, I could have sat there mesmerised all day!

DSC00381(2) (1381 x 921)

DSC00382(2) (1417 x 945)



After strolling past the Villa Borghese we headed off to buy some gelati and explore Trastevere on the other side of the Tiber.

DSC00429 (1988 x 1326)

Crossing the Tiber

We walked across the Ponte Sisto bridge and then upward to the Piazza Garibaldi in Trastevere to watch the sunset over Rome.

DSC00440 (1988 x 1326)

View of Rome from Piazza Garibaldi


We had fun messing around taking photos of the sunset before wandering back down around Trastevere, which was so lovely at night with stalls and Christmas lights. Unfortunately, we were too caught up in looking around to take many photos.

DSC00501 (1988 x 1326)

Wandering the streets of Trastevere

We headed back across the Ponte Garibaldi and took some photos of the Tiber Island on the way back.

DSC00514 (1988 x 1326)

The Tiber Island at night

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