About Me

Welcome to my blog!
Here you’ll read about my struggle to deal with the loss of my mother and life thereafter, you’ll see some of my poems, see photos of trips with my husband, and maybe laugh at some of my day-to-day experiences.
It is my hope that by presenting both my strengths and weaknesses along with my successes and failures in this blog, you will learn to not just define me by my occupation, skin colour, family history or any of the categories that we so regularly use to put everybody we meet into boxes.
Maybe someone will be interested, maybe somebody is struggling to deal with loss like I am, maybe somebody will understand me just a little bit better or maybe somebody will look at my experiences and understand themselves a little better.
 I hope you enjoy your time here and thanks for stopping by!

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Thessauron says:

    Some people look for expert advice, out of the world tales, fantastical writing in blogs. But I think it’s nice, and relaxing, to read what someone else’s life is in another part of the world. I personally tend to enjoy such blogs more.
    Keep it up! Keep writing. I’ll be keen to know what you’re baking next. 🙂


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